Hair Wraps

Wraps are a beautiful addition to anyone’s hair, dreaded or not! I use yarn to create stripes and spirals of colour around a section of hair, either a dreadlock or a braid. Beads, stones, jewels, leather, feathers, wire, and your own trinkets can also be incorporated and sewn in. Wraps can be subtle or bright, and can be made to last months to years, or can be made temporary and taken out at any time. Full wraps cover the

length of the hair section and can be
extended to any length with a yarn core and bead on the tip. Partial wraps cover most of the hair, but leave the tail end of the dread or braid loose. My signature Stripe technique looks great on both natural and extended dreads, and can be used to create visually appealing smooth colour transitions and camouflage the juncture of sewn-in extensions. Wraps can also be added to falls, wigs, and all types of hair projects, just ask!